Card Features

Card Usage

Enjoy the ease and convenience of the T24 PayVault VISA Prepaid Card

Use it anywhere in the world where the VISA Acceptance Mark is displayed

Withdraw cash at any VISA enabled ATM

Swipe your card in any VISA enabled POS machine and enter your PIN

Shop online using your T24 PayVault VISA and enter your 3D secure code for verification

Your T24 PayVault Card automatically converts to the local currency wherever you are

Do a Card to Card money transfer to any other T24 PayVault Cardholder by SMS or online

Account Management

Enjoy the ease and convenience of the T24 PayVault VISA Prepaid Card

Up-to-the-minute online statements that make it easy to track expenses

On-the-go access to your account that lets you check your balance online, via SMS, at ATMs, or IVR

Track your expenses

Only spend what is loaded

Mobile Functionality

We offer mobile services, including SMS functionality and a mobile application that give cardholders a range of features that they can access whilst on the go.

SMS functionality

With our SMS functionality cardholders are able to access a number of cardholder services by simply sending a message. These services include card balance queries, last 3 transactions, lock/unlock card, card to card transfer and to turn on/off low balance notifications.

To use SMS functionality see the table below:

Function Instruction Example
The card balance TRA BAL ACCESSCODE [LAST 4 OF CARD] TRA BAL 123456 1111
Last 3 transactions TRA TXN ACCESSCODE [LAST 4 OF CARD] TRA TXN 123456 1111
Card to Card transfer TRA XFER AMOUNT TO MOBILE ACCESSCODE [LAST 4 OF CARD] TRA XFER 20 TO +447000000000 123456 1111
Stop notification TRA STOP [LAST 4 OF CARD] TRA STOP 1111
Stop all notifications TRA STOP ALL [LAST 4 OF CARD] TRA STOP ALL 1111

Mobile Application

Our mobile application is available on both iOS and Android devices and is available for download from within each of these operating systems respective app stores. The application can be offered to your cardholders as is, or can be rebranded at an additional cost to you, the program owner.

The current functionality of our mobile application includes the following:

  • Report card lost or stolen
  • Access to account balance, open to buy (OTB) balance and statements

Our application has been developed and is fully supported by our in-house development team, who will be working to bring updates and more functionality to it in the future.

Card Security

Enjoy the ease and convenience of the T24 PayVault VISA Prepaid Card

Chip with Encrypted PIN

The T24 PayVault VISA Card must be used at a PIN-enabled terminal and your personal PIN code is used to authorise any transaction.

Flat Numbers

The T24 PayVault Card does not have raised numbers. This protects against the possibility of the card being copied in a Zip Zap machine. You can still feel the numbers with the Indent printing technique.

3D Secure Verified by VISA

With Verified by VISA, you’re protected whenever you make an online payment with your VISA card at more than 300,000 websites across Europe.


You must sign your card on the back when you receive it. A T24 PayVault VISA Card is not valid unless signed.


The CVV number is used to authenticate online transactions and is there for your security.

Electronic Use Only

The T24 PayVault VISA Card cannot be used if the Merchant is unable to verify that the funds are available on the card. This will safeguard you from any unauthorised usage.

VISA Hologram

The VISA dove hologram glimmers in different angles. Check the hologram if you suspect that the card you are holding might be fraudulent.

Money Loaded

Our issuer is fully FCA regulated. Security of cardholder funds is our top priority

100% Funding of the Card

Your PayVault VISA prepaid card is automatically loaded upon receipt of your funds.

The Client Account

When your funds are received, they are loaded into a client account, which is controlled by the Issuer. In order to protect your funds, T24 does not have access to this account. For more information, read about the Security of Customer Funds

Additional Security

T24 is obligated to keep a certain deposit over and above the weekly settlement of all transactions on T24 PayVault Cards. This provides additional security and protection to your loaded funds.

No Fractional Reserves

As governed by the e-money regulations in the UK and enforced by Voice Commerce Limited. T24 is not allowed to enable payments on the T24 PayVault Card unless it is fully funded. In addition, T24 will never extend credit.

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