Card Director

The card director platform combines with our API services to provide you with a full card management solution

Managing Your Cards

You can search for cards issued under your merchant profile by card ID or client card reference, which is the reference you can assign to cards in order to easily identify them. This could be a membership number, employee number, or indeed anything else. Once you’ve found a card you can individually load it with the amount you choose.

These features are available through the Card Director interface or remotely via our API.

Batch Card Loads

Instead of individually loading cards you can prepare a batch load file and import this into the card director system.

After security parameters and duplicate file verification is complete, all loads will be processed at once. There is no limitation on the number of card that can be loaded from a batch file.

This feature is also supported within our API

Full Client Reconciliation

The reconciliation report records all events that change the balance of your float account, from loads, to fee deductions, and of course funding of the float account. Load history is available all the down to individual card level.

Read more about funding the float account in the payout management section

Managing Your System Remotely

Our full service API provides you with powerful integration options that link directly to your backend systems, allowing you to seamlessly communicate with and query our database regarding card activity in real-time.

API Features

Card Application – includes KYC submission and different card types

Cardholder Balance Enquiry – return balance of a particular card

Card Status Enquiry – Returns status of an issued card

Notification Call Back – Informs merchant of low account balance

…and much more

T24 Prepaid Mobile App

Our app is an extension to our cardholder services, giving cardholders a quicker, secure way of accessing their account on the go, from their mobile devices. The app can be offered as-is or fully customised to reflect the look and feel of your own branding.

Mobile App Features

Retrieve account balance information

Review card statements and recent transaction history

Report card lost or stolen

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